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The masks used in the BAKERU experience were made using Japan’s traditional technique of lacquer making known as dry lacquer. Dry lacquer is a technique for creating three-dimensional forms that uses lacquer as an adhesive. A mold is made from clay or wood, and multiple layers of hemp or cotton cloth are applied over the surface of the mold. They are later removed, then the final layers of lacquer are applied to finish the piece. This technique was used to create sculptural works between the Nara period and around the middle of the Heian period. These include masks for the pantomime known as gigaku, and Buddhist statues, of which the Ashura statue, a national treasure housed at Kofuku-ji Temple, is an example. This mask is created using a special method of making dry lacquer from 3D data using 3D printers.

wowlab × 土岐謙次(漆造形家)


wowlab x Kenji Toki (URUSHI craft practitioner)
Dry lacquer 
(lacquer, cotton cloth)


BAKERU dry lacquer mask, Storage box (paulownia)



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「BAKERU」乾漆面 本体 、保管箱(桐)


BAKERU dry lacquer mask


* This product is only available made-to-order.

* Approximately three months are required from the time your order is placed to delivery.

* This delivery time can vary due to the circumstances of production.
* The stand is not included. 



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